I grew up in Scotland, in a big family.  My mother was Anglo-Indian and born in Lucknow, Uttar Pradesh and my father was English, with Irish ancestry born in Surrey.

I started writing poems when I was 11. When I was 13 I started learning guitar from Andy Brown -  a Jazz and Classical guitarist, then from Derek McKenzie of the band The Shamen.  I went to Newcastle University and studied Politics and History, and joined a band.  

In 1991 after my mother died I started to get more interested in spiritual things, learnt Tai Chi and began looking into Buddhism, the books of Carlos Castaneda, Taoism and Astrology.  I also began working with people with Mental Illness, running creative writing workshops and then working as a support worker.

In 1999 I moved from London to Devon and started The Devon School Of Tai Chi.  I then founded Tai Chi Nation and also ran a small digital marketing agency, So What? Social Media.  In 2014 I started another band with some friends, recorded EPs and played live.  This lead to me working with some talented people, recording albums and touring.

Around 2016 for 18 months I was Admin Director for a Buddhist organisation in Plymouth and later helped to develop the organisation Action To Prevent Suicide.

These days I still play music, teach Tai Chi and practice Buddhism.  My day job is with the music management agency From The Whitehouse alongside my friend and colleague Katie Whitehouse.