My main project since 2018 has been Abrasive Trees, with whom I write, co-write, produce and release music via my label, and play live. The project has received reviews from the likes of Louder Than War, The Big Takeover and Aural Aggravation whilst has been blessed by a talented array of contributors such as Jo-Beth Young, Mark Beazley (Rothko), Sebastian Rochford (Polar Bear/Pulled By Magnets), Steven Hill and Peter Yates (Fields of The Nephilim). Currently, the band includes the brilliant Jay Newton, Ben Roberts, Will Tyler and Jess Wooller.

Probably my best-known work is with Silver Moth alongside Stuart Braithwaite of Mogwai, Elisabeth Elektra, Ash Babb, and Ben Roberts. As well as being part of the project during its inception in 2021, I co-wrote some of the debut album (released on Bella Union). I then played bass, guitar, performed spoken word and sang backing vocals on the debut tour and at Supersonic Festival in 2023. The album, Black Bay was released to critical acclaim and included music written to one of my father Gerard's poems - Gaelic Psalms.

Since 2020 I have developed a close working relationship with Mark Beazley of Rothko. In 2020 I played on the Rothko single When Is The Way Out and appeared with them live in 2021.

During 2018 and 2019 I toured and recorded with Jo Beth Young (Talitha Rise/RISE), playing on the album Strangers, playing festivals and touring in the UK and Ireland. 


Abrasive Trees - Bound For An Infinite Sea (EP, 2020); Without Light (EP, 2021); Now You Are Not Here (EP, 2021); Replenishing Water (single, 2022); Communicating With Infinity (album, 2022); Moulding Heaven With Earth (EP, 2022); EPOCHA (album, 2023); Nothing Exists For A Second Moment (album, 2023).

Silver Moth - Black Bay (Bella Union album, 2023)

Rothko - When Is The Way Out? (single, 2020)

RISE - Strangers (album, 2019)

Council of Giants - Standing Small (EP, 2016); Blanket (single, 2024)